The Thermage procedure is performed with The ThermaCool System and it works by using deep tissue heating to tighten the deep collagen fibres of skin and its underlying tissue, while protecting the skin surface with a cooling spray.

This initial deep thermal tightening of collagen also signals a natural biological repair process that causes additional skin tightening and restoration of a younger skin appearance.

What sets the Thermage treatment apart?
The ThermaCool system is the first non-invasive device that tightens tissue, because it treats the deeper structures of the skin.

While the Thermage procedure is not a replacement for a traditional “facelift” procedure, the non-invasive Thermage alternative can provide a significant tissue tightening effect to the millions of patients who are not ready to go “under the knife” to reduce the signs of ageing.

How it works
The ThermaCool System uses a special form of radio waves to deliver heat to tighten and remodel the deep structure underneath your skin.

It simultaneously protects the skin surface from heat damage by using a protective cooling spray apparatus before, during and after tissue heating.

During the Thermage procedure, which is performed under the supervision of a physician, the ThermaCool treatment tip uses tiny thermometers to measure the skin surface temperature, and automatically triggers a cooling cryogen spray to maintain a cool skin surface.

Features and Benefits
Each ThermaCool treatment tip is delivered to the physician in its own individual package, sterilised for patient safety, and designed so that it can be used only once, on a single patient.

The Thermage procedure usually requires only one or two treatment sessions, and allows a prompt return to work.

Patients of all skin types and colours can have the Thermage procedure, because it does not affect skin pigment as lasers or other procedures do.

The Thermage procedure is complementary to other common cosmetic procedures such as Botox, photofacials and even glycolic peeling agents.

The long-term safety of using radio frequency heating to tighten tissues and alter their properties is well established in literally thousands of patients for medical procedures unrelated to skin.

No downtime or recovery.

Reduced risks compared to incisional surgery.

While some changes take place initially, most of the tightening takes place gradually over time.

Patients’ response can be variable, with some experiencing minor changes and others seeing major tightening soon after treatment.

Works by deep collagen contraction and tightening, unlike other more superficial rejuvenation techniques that do no more than improve skin texture.

Treatment scenario
The Thermage procedure is delivered in an outpatient setting and typically lasts about two hours.

Unlike surgical lifting operations, the Thermage procedure involves no invasive incisions, recovery time or surgical complications.

Patients may feel a brief sensation of intense heat during treatment.

Patient results
Each individual’s response to the Thermage procedure is unique. Some patients experience only a modest change whilst others experience significant improvement.

In most cases, the change is visible within days and the degree of improvement increases over time.

Patients treated more than once may notice further improvement after successive treatments.

Thermage ThermaCool System was cleared in November 2002 by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles and lines.

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