Dr. Hugo J Kitchen M.B.,Ch.B., M.B.A.C.D.

Dr. Hugo J Kitchen M.B.,Ch.B., M.B.A.C.D., Cert COS.MED, studied Medicine at Birmingham University Medical School and qualified as fully registered medical practitioner in 1982. In 1988 he formed Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic.

Demand is so high that and Dr. Kitchen now performs cosmetic beauty treatments from his clinic in Stratford Upon Avon and six additional clinics around the UK.

Dr. Kitchen has been administering Collagen dermal implantation since 1988 and since the mid-’90’s, the newer generation of synthetic cosmetic fillers such as Restylane, Restylane-Touch/Perlane/VITAL/and SUB-Q.

In 2011 Galderma of Nice (Owned by L’Oreal Paris), France, joined forces with Q-Med (makers of Restylane) to become one of the largest dermatological research companies in the World and have produced a new filler range called EMERVEL, again from Hyaluronic acid gel but its Optimal Balance Technology makes it, in Dr Kitchen’s Opinion, the market leader in Facial Volumization and associated with minimal swelling, bruising and downtime.

In 2002 Dr. Kitchen became one of the very first users of Medical Micro-dermabrasion (Genesis Bio-Systems USA) a reliable and consistent system for smoothing blemishes on the skin surface. Helpful in addressing eg Acne or as a prelude/preparation for deeper skin peels.

Dr Kitchen has also been trained by the American Institute of Medical Aesthetics, in the use of their range of scientifically-based skincare based range of products born out of NOBEL PRIZE winning molecular spin technology. COSMEDIX products are a simply wonderful platform for home use for general skin maintenance and treating complex and difficult skin problems such as ACNE , ROSACEA, SUN-DAMAGE and ABNORMAL PIGMENTATION.

Dr. Kitchen is trained in the administration of Botulinum Toxin, for aesthetic reduction of facial expression lines, upper and lower face and also the neck. It has seen an exponential rise in popularity over the last 10 years. Dr Kitchen has a number of house-hold names and famous faces as patients in his portfolio. 15% of all Botox patients are now MEN who are much less shy about enjoying the aesthetic benefits of the increasing range of treatments available. It also is used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis). There are some patients who are resistant to Botox use and Dr Kitchen also offers the British branded DYSPORT , and now Azzalure from Galderma,which performs exactly the same function. BUT remember; LESS is MORE; The “plastic” emotionless face from excessive dosage and frequency of use, is distinctly UNATTRACTIVE. Dr Kitchen is a huge proponent of THE NATURAL LOOK !

Also available from Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic is Quantum IPL (Intense-Pulsed Light), a treatment that removes unsightly thread veins and abnormal pigmentation of the skin caused by sun damage. Vascular tumours, portwine stains and spider veins are a huge problem and IPL is the treatment of choice. It has stood the test of more than 12 years of clinical success.

In 2004 The Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic acquired the second THERMAGE Thermacool system in the UK, a revolutionary system that uses a non-invasive delivery of RADIO-FREQENCY pulsing that can create skin-tightening effects on the whole face and neck which may last up to 5 years. We have performed over 200 treatments to date. It now has its FDA licence for off-face use so we can now tighten loose skin on the body too ! Thermage has now been over-shadowed by the more friendly “younger-brother” called PELLEVE which is rather faster, less painful and cheaper too.

In 2010 Dr Kitchen and his work partner and brother, Mr James Kitchen, an aesthetic practitioner with 20 years experience, and also a member of the American Institute of Medical Aesthetics, acquired PELLEVE, “The Son of Thermage”. It also uses Radio-Frequency technology to tighten the skin on-table and provide a natural “lift” to tired skin; It promotes the skin’s Collagen production  and is non-invasive, a real  “lunchtime” option with no downtime or side-effects.

Dr Kitchen a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (formerly BACD) and to date, has performed over 120,000 cosmetic treatments, including 2000 courses of Quantum IPL treatment www.cosmeticdoctors.co.uk

Dr. Kitchen undergoes continuous professional training from the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (formerly BACD)

Dr Kitchen is also a member of the Independent Doctors Federation,http://www.idf.uk.net/  a group of about 1400 like-minded doctors from all medical specialities who meet on a regular basis to discuss individual medical topics and keep up to date with new developments in Medicine and, increasingly, medical politics, which is a part of our every day working life. He is ably assisted by his clinic colleague and brother Mr. James A Kitchen, also trained as an aesthetic practitioner in the use of Quantum IPL, Thermage, Medical Microdermabrasion and skin peels using the COSMEDIX and Dermaceutic systems.

Dr Hugo Kitchen is is also the co-inventor of a dietary supplement, 100% Collagen Capsules (My Perfect Collagen) which not only will regenerate joint surface cartilage and therefore reduce the pain from ARTHRITIS and SPORTS INJURIES, but will deliver to the skin the framework necessary to maintain and repair, in order to reduce wrinkles and improve the suppleness of the skin. SEE THE NEWS PAGE ! I urge you to look at www.alicsur.com

In the last few years Dr Kitchen has developed a deepening and massively important interest in the study of Optimal Hormone Balance in the body using Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy , with astounding benefits in general health and for those women and men going through difficult times related to menopause/andropause. He is an affiliated member of The International Hormone Society and World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine. (WOSAAM)

For more information or to book a consultancy session with Dr. Kitchen contact his medical secretary, Carron Kitchen at Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic;

Telephone 01789 414289. Fax 01789 299003 Mobile 07818063377

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