Consultations are important for all new patients to ensure that we can prescribe the most appropriate treatments for you. We assess each case individually in order to understand what factors are underlying the conditions that we are going to treat.

The consultation process includes a comprehensive medical history, treatment area analysis, photographic assessment and a treatment plan. We take great care to understand your concerns and assess the underlying causes. We will guide you through treatment choices, pros, cons and alternatives. You will have ample opportunity to discuss possible treatment in a supportive environment.

With Aesthetic Practitioner (30mins)

Following medical history, treatment area analysis, photographic assessment, skin health screen, one of our Aesthetic Practitioners will discuss treatment options appropriate to you.


This type of consultation focuses on assessing your skin health and finding ways to improve it. Following medical history, one of our Aesthetic Practitioners will assess your skin using a specialized 3-Dimensional light system (VISIA), photographically, and up-close, testing hydration, elasticity, collagen and sun-damage. Treatment options designed to optimize your skin will then be discussed.

Once having assessed your health and skin concerns, we might recommend some SKIN HEALTH CARE products and treatments eg FACIAL PEELS.

There may have been some volume loss in your skin/face and we might recommend FILLERS or FAT TRANSFER.

Some of your facial lines may be caused by dynamic muscle use and can be treated/attenuated by using injections of BOTOX or equivalent.

Scar tissue caused by Acne, or surgery/trauma can be treated by resurfacing LASER, AIRGENT or MEDICAL MICRO-DERMABRASION

Often loss of elasticity can be addressed by using Radio-Frequency skin tightening, PELLEVÉ for the face or perhaps PELLEFIRM for looser skin on the body or early stretch marks.

Equally for the body, you may have some weight or shape issues eg indecision on what method to improve your shape when exercise and diet won’t satisfy the job and the use of your own FAT to TRANSFER eg to augment the HANDS, FACE and BREASTS.

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