Sagging Skin

Over time, skin can lose its bounce and become sunken and loose causing you to look tired and much older. This is a natural part of the ageing process as over the years the skin loses its supportive connective tissues that keep the face looking youthful and full of volume.

Other factors, such as weight loss and exposure to the sun, can accelerate this process. Where there has either been sudden weight loss or a large amount of weight lost, the skin will lose its natural elasticity which causes the sagging.

Skin can be rejuvenated and volume can be restored with a number of treatments including:

While sagging skin is not a major contributing factor to medical illness, the damage it can have on confidence is far reaching. Staying hydrated and using a moisturiser high in vitamin A and C can help to slow the effects, while rejuvenating skin and restoring confidence.

Before and after Pellevé

before and after Pellevé

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