“For some time I’ve been mulling over the idea of dermal fillers to perfect my nose and also to slightly enhance my upper lip. I did my research and looked for clinics that have built up a good reputation and have a lot of experience in dermal fillers, I don’t want just anyone injecting fillers in my face!…

… I came across the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic and read their really lovely testimonials online and also saw that celebrity Gaz Shore had visited them for acne scarring treatment! …

…I am so pleased with the work I had done. It is scary how just about anyone can do a quick course and give dermal fillers without the knowledge or the skill to carry out the procedure well. I love the natural smoothe appearance of my nose and lips. So many women I see who have had fillers have the same lips. Carron said that the ‘one look fits all’ that so many practitioners give is wrong and I agree. Dermal fillers need to be given to emphasise individual’s beauty that is already there and be tailored to each patient….

…I’m so happy that I have found the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic that I will be returning to see Dr Hugo in the future to discuss other treatments. ”


Read the full story on her blog thisleggygirl.com

The procedure itself is relatively pain-free and very quick
I had mole removal treatments 4 months ago and wanted to say the results are really good. The procedure itself is relatively pain-free and very quick. No stitches which are great. Extremely professional and friendly atmosphere in the clinic. Highly recommended to anyone considering. Thanks again to Hugo and his team!


Wow what a clinic! I took my daughter who was so scared about having 2 warts removed on her toe and the doctor was superb making my daughter laugh and totally taking her mind off it. We had this clinic recommended to us and I can see why now. Superb service, a massive thank you.


Dear Dr Hugo Kitchen,
Thank you so much for removing the mole on my neck before I went to uni, I’m so happy with it. It has healed really well and there is only a faint mark mark which is remarkable considering how recently the removal happened.
I cannot thank you enough for carrying out the procedure, I cannot explain to you how pleased I am with it.

Thank you again,


Dear Dr Hugo
Sending you a massive thank you for returning my life to me with the wonderful BHRT. I hardly know where to start with the improvements I have had and continue to experience. Such as, the other day a friend was complaining about night cramps, and I realised that I no longer have them, the spasms used to be so strong that I thought my leg bones would be snapped!This is a list of the things that have been improved that I thought were lost for ever;
Reclaimed feminist,
sanity, sexuality and
general ME-ness.
My vagina was completely dried up and sealed up, amazing reversal!!
Able to sleep
Less anxious
Skin all over body was red and sore not now,
Nipples have colour again,
Hair growth improved, head, eye lashes and eyebrows.
These are the improvements that just spring to mind. I’m sure there are many more subtle improvements too.
Again Thank you ,

Dear Dr Hugo

“I had seen the advert for Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic many times in our local press so decided to peruse their website. What initially drew me in were the ‘before and after’ photos of nose reconstruction using dermal fillers. Approaching 60, the chance to finally have something resembling the nose I had always wanted made me overcome my reticence at walking into, what I had imagined, would be an intimidating place. I needn’t have worried as Hugo and Karen are the most friendly and welcoming people. I left their clinic after that first visit walking on air.

Not only did I get my lovely ‘new’ nose, but some subtle enhancements to my lips and naso-labial lines. No trout pouts here! I just looked refreshed and less down at the mouth. Be warned, this is the sort of place that makes you want to go back for more. I have had top ups to the above treatments a couple of times now after approximately a year and 18 months. My nose has never reverted back to its original shape, but small top ups give me the confidence that it never will. Dr Hugo is also very honest and would advise strongly against any treatment he thinks you do not need.

Since then I have had annoying, small thread veins removed from my face and legs and my latest treatment, which I requested , was Pelleve. Two sessions have restored my jawline quite visibly and this is not even the final result as the results are progressive over approximately 6 months.

I am almost 63 and three people in recent times, independently of each other, have shown surprise at my age, believing I was around 52. I’ll happily settle for that. I will continue my annual pilgrimage to see Dr Hugo now until I drop, safe in the knowledge that I am in good hands. My only worry is that he will retire before I reach that point.”

Mrs D. H.

Hi Dr Kitchen,
I would like to thank you for your outstanding support and guidance in helping me gain my health back, you truly were a wild card and last attempt for me regaining a sense of health wellbeing and get my life back, which has paid off tremendously.
I had experienced eight years of battling with the menopause and been under both the Queen Elizabeth hospital and paid privately along the way, of which neither had worked for any length of time, I would get a few weeks relapse only for the symptoms to return…. it was hell, if I could say that I had been desperate is an understatement, many months off work and feeling very isolated both mentally and physically .
So from the bottom of my heart thank you!!!…I HOPE OTHER WOMEN will be able to receive your help and support and the real message around the menopause,
Many thanks !! Best wishes. JC.

Hi Hugo,
Thank you so much for removing my moles. I am thrilled to bits with the results..Absolutely amazing!
3 weeks on and they have virtually disappeared.
Kind regards
Jacky x

Dear Dr Kitchen
I rather suspect your practise requires no plaudits or commendations, however, having visited last week, I was blown away by your extremely friendly and professional approach to the consultancy culminating in a minor op with some rather expensive and clever equipment.
Conducted in a calm and very reassuring manner.
The treatment was over in moments and it didn’t break the bank. Here we are less than a week later and I’m healing well.
It was a pleasure to meet you and I thank you Hugo for a discreet, painless skin lesion removal.

Bob B

GazshoreThanks Gary @gazshore for the message. Use of dermal fillers www.skincareclinic.co.uk/facial-aesthetics/fillers/ for acne scarring. Instant; painless and long lasting.


Testimonial:- RB West Midlands

January 2015

From the initial consultation to the procedure Hugo, Carron and his team were the ultimate caring professionals; nothing was too much trouble, and no question went unanswered. All was explained in a clear and simple way.

One the day of the procedure  I arrived at Hugo’s clinic on a snowy Tuesday afternoon in January, and was greeted at the door of the Stratford CLINIC, by  a smiling nurse who offered me a cup of tea or coffee.  Carron was there with a hug asking how my Christmas was, immediately putting me at my ease.

From there we went into a bright, clean consulting suite where all my vital statistics and pictures were taken along with blood pressure and weight. Hugo then marked the areas where the fat was going to be removed from. Once gowned up we went into the pristine state of the art operating room.

There I met Dawn, a theatre nurse, who expertly inserted my cannula; Hugo then anesthetised the areas while Carron chatted with me keeping me at ease whilst assisting Hugo at the same time. Removal my fat was an unusual but not painful feeling.  Like most women who want to improve their appearance I thought this was defiantly the nicest way to not only loose a few inches but to have a great bust as well.

Once the required amount of fat had been removed from the tummy, waist and thighs, my lovely anaesthetist, Dr White, arrived, again putting me at ease explaining what I was going to feel next, “a bit like having 6 glasses of champagne” he said, which it did.  The next thing I realised was Carron asking me if I would like a glass of water.  It was all over and I never felt a thing.

I was then helped back to the consulting suite where a biscuit and coffee was waiting.  Once more both Carron and Hugo explained what I was to do and what I was likely to be feeling over the following few days. Once done I was ready they put me into my corset which was to be my closest friend for the next month.

Hugo also told me he would phone me that evening to check on me and that night I felt no pain and slept like a baby.  Over the next few days I continued to take the antibiotics and painkillers and apart from slight soreness and my closest friend getting a bit uncomfortable I have not been in any pain.

My new boobs are looking great and I’ll have a smaller bottom too. WIN WIN.

Would I recommend this type of procedure to anyone? …… DEFINITLEY!

Hi Hugo.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my skin so far! I’m feeling more confident about myself already. I would love to have another treatment, which I think you said could be done in 3 months? Also chat to you about possibly having some botox a couple of small moles removed on my face and to see if you could remove a vein on my leg. They are little things I’ve wanted done for years!

Kindest Regards

Sophie Oakley


JS.    W Midlands  July 2015

I’ve felt incredibly self conscious about my breasts for a long time which has affected my self confidence considerably. I decided to do something about it this year and started to research different breast procedures but gave up after realizing that it was too expensive for me. It was purely by chance that I read through a local magazine and read about Stratford Skin Care Clinic and Fat Transfer. I was hopeful but doubted that Fat Transfer would make any real difference as was sure I would have to go under the knife to obtain the breasts I desired.

Deciding that I had nothing to lose, I sent an initial email inquiry and received a prompt response back with comprehensive information about the treatment. From there, I made an appointment which I was really nervous about attending. Doctor Kitchen was very welcoming, down to earth and made me feel at ease instantly. He talked me through the procedure and answered any questions I had. He informed me that the tube that is inserted under the breast can reach quite high and give definition to the upper pole of the breast. It was because of this information that I decided to go ahead with the procedure and also because it was so much more affordable that any other breast treatment.

I was really apprehensive when I arrived for the procedure but again Doctor Kitchen and his partner Karen were there to reassure me and make me feel relaxed. Throughout the procedure they asked me to tell them to stop if I was in any discomfort. I would say that I experienced mild discomfort but in my opinion, it was really not an issue and when I saw the end result, any feelings of discomfort disappeared straight away! It is a slightly bizarre sensation having the tube inserted but seeing my breasts increasing in size before my very eyes was well worth any strange sensation.

It’s amazing to think that with regular breast surgery you are unable to exercise etc for 3 months. Yet here I was after an hour’s procedure up and off driving my car and out shopping with my new, full, shapely breasts barely able to wipe the smile from my face!

I experienced a little discomfort during the first week particularly at night but I completed my course of antibiotics and took some Ibuprofen which really helped. I was also back at the gym after 2 weeks without any problems.

I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with the results which have vastly exceeded any expectations I had and am really pleased that I opted for this treatment. I now have full, firm breasts which actually feel like real breast tissue. Shopping for lingerie is exciting again and am now able to wear tops that I never dreamed I’d be able to wear! This procedure has given me a new confidence and I’m really grateful to Doctor Kitchen and his team for their professionalism, sensitivity and

understanding. I urge anyone who feels self conscious about their breasts like I did, to be brave and take that first step and go for a consultation.        Thank you, thank you, thank you!    AW

  • Feedback received 16 July 2015

             “Answered very fast but in a very informal manner.”

  • Feedback received 30 June 2015

            “Very quick response “

  • Reviewed 31 August 2015″I have returned many times”

            “I have been so please with the many treatments that I’ve had with Hugo & Carron they

            are so professional and caring . I have returned many times See you soon x Liz”


Treatment Received:
Reviewed 13 Jun 2015 

“Dear Dr Hugo

I just want to say how very grateful I am to you for having such great skills, in knowing how to remove my brown spots from my face. Giving me first the confidence to believe in you mainly because I had been for a consultation with another clinic who scared me so much that I nearly didn’t approach you. I am truly thankful I did as your approach gave me so much faith and confidence in you.
A very heartfelt thank you again.

Kindest regards”


Treatment Received:
Reviewed 15 May 2015

“Since breast feeding both of my children (for a period of 3 years in total) I felt that my breasts had been left disfigured and I had a sense of almost disgust at their appearance. I made light of my body changes to those around me, but this was bravado to hide the embarrassment and lack of confidence which were my true feelings, having nothing but very small and saggy breasts – where I had previously had a small but nicely formed B cup. Once I was able to give some consideration to possible solutions to this, having made a decision that my family was complete, I was certain that silicone implants were not right for me. I was looking for a natural appearance and feel and to replace the shape and volume which I had lost. I also wanted a procedure which was minimally evasive so that my busy family routine would not be affected. With some internet research, I came across the Stratford Skin Care Clinic and read about the possibility of the FAT injection. When I actually contacted the clinic though, I was able to speak directly to Dr Kitchen – who informed me about the option of fat transfer. Dr Kitchen was very helpful over the telephone and made me feel immediately at ease. I was able to have an appointment for a consultation within a week and this was arranged to fit in with my schedule – so far an easy and accommodating experience. Throughout the consultation, which my family were also able to attend, I felt relaxed and my questions were answered honestly. I found the appointment to be informative and it confirmed for me that I wanted to go ahead and book the procedure. From then on, I had regular communication with the clinic and found the staff to be helpful and always friendly. I felt well prepared for the procedure and had a sense of expectancy and excitement, as well as some nerves in the run up to the date when I was booked in. The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times,  but Carron and Dr Kitchen were supportive throughout and I was more than grateful for Carron’s support and reassuring conversation (and hand holding). I was happy though that I was only under local anaesthetic so that I was able to get up and go home to my family as soon as it was completed. It was also an amazing experience to sit up and see the results immediately, I felt transformed!! I had anticipated swelling and bruising in the days following, but wearing the body suit and taking painkillers meant the discomfort was manageable – it seemed a small price to pay anyway for the change in my body shape. Dr Kitchen kept in regular contact and I was more than happy with the follow up support from the clinic and the information I took away with me regarding aftercare. My day to day routine continued as normal, as I had wanted, and within two weeks I was playing football and swimming with my children. Most of the bruising had faded and there was only minimal stiffness, mainly in the evening if I had been standing all day .”
Treated By: Hugo J K

Feedback received 11 June 2015

“The clinic got back in touch and was very informative and polite”



Feedback received 19 May 2015

“Very prompt response and covered all the questions I asked. “



Feedback received 04 March 2015


From Gillian W.  TESTIMONY 20 March 15

The fact that I have been a regular client at the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic over a period of several years, may be testament enough to my opinion of the practice, but I am happy to answer a specific request to put my opinions in writing.

I have sought the professional practices of the Clinic for a variety of cosmetic treatments several times a year for the past 6 or 7 years.  From the very first consultation, I felt I was in trustworthy hands.  Good, sound advice was offered at that first meeting which impressed me and gave me confidence regarding the integrity and ethical motivations of the clinic.  I have been treated by one practitioner in particular during my visits  and have always been treated in confidence, with respect, as an individual,  comfortably, with creative skill and patience, and not without humour!

I have no hesitation in recommending the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic to others for cosmetic treatments.

Gillian W

From:- Shirley Maybey 13 Feb 2015
Dear Doctor Kitchen, I want to thank you for the excellent treatment I have had with you recently.


The treatment is truly amazing, especially to the scar on my lip…I feel years younger;people are already making comments on how well I am looking!!


It is a delight to come to your clinic where I feel most welcomed and put at my ease.


I will certainly return in the future,


Best wishes and thanks again……Shirley (*Maybey)


Kim Clarke ✨✨
24/09/2015 16:43

Thank you @hugokitchen for making me feel so welcome today.. Can’t wait until the 5th Nov for my Medical Micro-Needling Innopen treatment .

Received: 12 Apr 2011 19:39
Subject: Man Boobs

Awesome job Hugo so pleased with results
thank you…


Received: 31 May 2011 21:10
Subject: Macrolane breast enhancement
Hi Hugo thanks for your call. Everything is good. Hardly any pain at all which was great but quite bruised. I will see you soon but just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and Karen for a very professional but relaxed service. I could not recommend you any HIGHER!! Thank you so much xxx


Received: 2 Aug 2011 18:21
Subject: Macrolane breast enhancement

Thank you both so, so much , really thrilled.


Received: 13 Sep 2011 18:15
Subject: Macrolane breast enhancement

Hello Dr Kitchen it’s B here just wanted to say thank you again; I Can’t stop looking at them; they look amazing. Would like them bigger next time (lol) but I’m loving them at the moment.  C u soon 🙂 n say thank you to Mrs Kitchen too.


Hi Hugo,

Many thanks for your expertise throughout the whole of the 30 minutes it took to inject my breasts with Macrolane. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the room in which this process took place. Your lovely wife/ brilliant assistant really did a fantastic job of keeping me relaxed and calm. Hugo you handled me with great tender care constantly enquiring if I was comfortable or in any pain.

Overall you did a brilliant job to re-install my self confidence.

After care is second to none with very flexible appointments and as always treating me with the greatest of care and attention.

I will definitely recommend you to any body who are wanting to improve their body shape.

Many thanks


01 July 2011

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