Dermal Fillers

Just because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t look on the outside as young as you feel on the inside. Dermal fillers, also known as facial fillers, are frequently used for wrinkles, scarring and other skin blemishes or to restore facial volume.

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“I had seen the advert for Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic many times in our local press so decided to peruse their website. What initially drew me in were the ‘before and after’ photos of nose reconstruction using dermal fillers. Approaching 60, the chance to finally have something resembling the nose I had always wanted made me overcome my reticence at walking into, what I had imagined, would be an intimidating place. I needn’t have worried as Hugo and Karen are the most friendly and welcoming people. I left their clinic after that first visit walking on air.

Not only did I get my lovely ‘new’ nose, but some subtle enhancements to my lips and naso-labial lines. No trout pouts here! I just looked refreshed and less down at the mouth. Be warned, this is the sort of place that makes you want to go back for more. I have had top ups to the above treatments a couple of times now after approximately a year and 18 months. My nose has never reverted back to its original shape, but small top ups give me the confidence that it never will. Dr Hugo is also very honest and would advise strongly against any treatment he thinks you do not need.

Since then I have had annoying, small thread veins removed from my face and legs and my latest treatment, which I requested , was Pelleve. Two sessions have restored my jawline quite visibly and this is not even the final result as the results are progressive over approximately 6 months.

I am almost 63 and three people in recent times, independently of each other, have shown surprise at my age, believing I was around 52. I’ll happily settle for that. I will continue my annual pilgrimage to see Dr Hugo now until I drop, safe in the knowledge that I am in good hands. My only worry is that he will retire before I reach that point.”

Mrs D. H.

The benefits of dermal fillers

  • They instantly restore volume, erasing lines and wrinkles
  • Results are immediate
  • No down time required
  • They can enhance facial contours and shape the lips

Dermal fillers are used give a more youthful look to patients by softening and contouring lines, folds and wrinkles. You might have heard of dermal fillers called by their brand names, such as Restylane, EMERVEL or Sculptra.

Contact us today to see how dermal fillers can improve the look and texture of your skin. Fight the signs of aging with fillers!

Facial Volumization is key to a youthful appearance. This lady demonstrates how a fresher youthful appearance can banish the look  fatigue and can lift the face to appear younger without looking like she has “been done” !

Before and after Pellevé and fillers

Before and after Pellevé and fillers

See more before and afters in our gallery

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