Removal of skin tags, warts and moles in Warwickshire

The removal of moles is a simple and safe procedure when carried out by a trained and experienced clinician. The procedure can be carried out to remove moles or skin tags that are unsightly or causing irritation. Procedures are carried out under local aesthetic and are virtually painless.

Removals carried out at our Warwickshire clinic delivers excellent  results with little or no scarring, even for facial treatments. Dr Hugo Kitchen is highly skilled and extremely experienced having carried out hundreds of skin tag and mole removal procedures.

We also provide a full follow up consultation and send suspicious moles to a histologist for fast diagnosis. The whole procedure can be completed in one visit, and in many cases takes no more than one hour. We also offer Mole-mapping and Artificial Intelligence driven Dermoscopy and can store your mole photographic data for the future comparison if there has been a change.

More about Mole Mapping

The procedure itself is relatively pain-free and very quick
I had mole removal treatments 4 months ago and wanted to say the results are really good. The procedure itself is relatively pain-free and very quick. No stitches which are great. Extremely professional and friendly atmosphere in the clinic. Highly recommended to anyone considering. Thanks again to Hugo and his team!


Wow what a clinic! I took my daughter who was so scared about having 2 warts removed on her toe and the doctor was superb making my daughter laugh and totally taking her mind off it. We had this clinic recommended to us and I can see why now. Superb service, a massive thank you.


Dear Dr Hugo Kitchen,
Thank you so much for removing the mole on my neck before I went to uni, I’m so happy with it. It has healed really well and there is only a faint mark mark which is remarkable considering how recently the removal happened.
I cannot thank you enough for carrying out the procedure, I cannot explain to you how pleased I am with it.

Thank you again,


Hi Hugo,
Thank you so much for removing my moles.
I am thrilled to bits with the results..Absolutely amazing!
3 weeks on and they have virtually disappeared.

Kind regards

Jacky x

To the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic
I had moles!!!….no, not in my garden, on my face. Having finally plucked up courage I made an appointment visit the Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic for a consultation. The initial consultation with Dr Hugo was very thorough, giving me lots of information and an opportunity to ask any questions. Dr Hugo talked though all my options and explained the chosen procedure. The consultation was free and there was no pressure to continue if I had not wished to. I chose to have my moles removed by a high tech gadget that removed them with minimal fuss, no pain and fabulous results. I am very pleased that I went ahead with the procedure and would recommend Dr Hugo for anyone who has thought about facial mole removal.

Thank you so much Dr Hugo and your clinic

Kind regards

Amanda Austen-Jones

Mole removal Warwickshire at Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic 

  • Moles, skin tags and polyps, warts, and cysts can be removed for cosmetic reasons and to improve aesthetic appearance.
  • Quicker recovery time.
  • Consultation, diagnosis and removal of moles are carried in one appointment.
  • Fast diagnosis carried out by histologists for moles.
  • Appointments available six days a week including evenings.
  • Same or next day appointments for Mole Removal @ Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic, Warwickshire can be booked.

Before, immediately after and 4 weeks after RF Scarless surgical removal of mole.

See more before and afters in our gallery

What happens during the treatment?

The area to be treated will be cleaned and might be numbed with local anaesthetic. The removal will then take place and be carried out in one of two ways:

Micro-excision: the mole will be shaved off either at or slightly below the level of skin. No stitches are used so any bleeding will be stopped by either cauterising  the area.

Excision using the ELLMAN SURGITRON Radio-Frequency device is the treatment method of choice as it is clean and immediate with no bleeding.

What happens after the treatment?

There isn’t usually a requirement for a follow-up appointment when there has been a simple mole procedure. However we do like to check up at 4 weeks to ensure the removal site is healing well. Some moles removed are sent for a lab analysis and if there are any unusual features you will be contacted by telephone.

If there are stitches, eg after excision of a large cyst, these will be removed within 5-7 days if on the face and within 8-21 days for stitches elsewhere.

To prevent infection the area should be kept clean and no unnecessary or stress should be placed on the wound, to allow it adequate time to heal.

Mole Removal Stratford Dermatherapy Clinic Prices

The exact price will depend on individual circumstances and needs. The following prices can be used as a guide:

  • Mole removal – £295
  • Mole removal with histology – £525
  • Additional lesions – £125

Some lesions may need to be sent to a lab for analysis.

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