Thread Veins

Thread veins are small purple or red blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. The three main causes of thread veins are: old age, bruising and varicose veins.

It is thought that the main cause of these unsightly veins is when the skin becomes thinner and more fragile it allows the veins to become more visible. They tend to appear in the legs and are more common in pregnant women due to their hormonal changes.

Thread veins are very common in Western Europe and can cause mild pain and itching. This can be relieved and the appearance of veins can also be reduced through microsclerotherapy treatment.

With thread veins being common in men and women it is important to know that these are not dangerous. However, if left untreated they can become larger and spread. Treating thread veins without a cosmetic treatment is very difficult and there are very few proven self-help treatments available.

Treatments for Legs:

Treatments for Face:


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