“Had the first touch-up of a décolleté-treatment with great results!! Better than any peeling and filler!!”

“I have just received a very interesting, thankful and enthusiastic feedback from a patient I treated with the Airgent for stretch-marks on the abdomen last summer!”

“Six months ago I underwent facial and hands treatments with the Airgent. In a series of three sessions, in three weeks intervals – I noted a dramatic improvement every time: The skin on my hands got thicker and the sensation of dried skin disappeared completely. On my face, the wrinkles were reduced significantly.” (Malka FlumTel-Aviv, Israel)

“Just finished talking with Dr. Mostert. She was very impressed with the results and so were all the patients. One patient has reported a remarkable improvement in the large acne pits. Another has started using a lighter base to what she originally had as a result of the treatment on her chin for the acne scarring.” (Gary Wachsberger Johannesburg, South Africa)

“Over the past few years, I became increasingly troubled by the droopiness of the skin on my neck and the fine wrinkles that appeared with age. I have a young-looking face but my neck would always disclose my real age. Already after the first Airgent treatment, my skin felt firmer and more pleasant to the touch. My daughters and husband noted the difference right away! After I completed the course of three sessions, my skin was rejuvenated and the fine wrinkles were significantly reduced. I am now starting treatments on my hands!” (Esther FreibergerShoham, Israel)

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