Migraines may be blocked with Botulinum injections

If you suffer from chronic migraines, you may be able to smooth your forehead and decrease your headaches at the same time Botulinum injections are now approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the prevention of chronic migraines. These are headaches that persist for four or more hours on at least 15 days a month.

More magazine, April 2011, discussed the effectiveness of this treatment with Brian Grosberg, director of the Inpatient Headache Program at Montefiore Headache Center. Grosberg explains that, basically, the shots block the release of chemicals that transmit pain and dilate blood vessels. He said that responses vary widely but “some people get their lives back.” However, Botulinum does not work on infrequent migraines or tension headaches.

If you’re considering this treatment, you can expect 31 injections in seven areas of the head, neck and shoulders. Treatments are done quarterly and costs range from £1,500 to £2,500 per session.

The uses of Botulinum toxin have been multiplying like wildfire. Recent news articles have indicated that it is now being considered as a treatment for depression and as an adjunct treatment for acne when used with dermal fillers.

Traditional uses include softening creases between brows; improving a “turkey gobbler” neck; and smoothing nasolabial folds, “cobblestone chin (pebble-like bumps), and “marionette lines (depressions on either side of the mouth extending toward the jaw line).

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