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MY TESTIMONIAL after Fat Transfer to Breast (EG_Warwickshire)

Since breast feeding both of my children (for a period of 3 years in total) I felt that my breasts had been left disfigured and i had a sense of almost disgust at their appearance.

I made light of my body changes to those around me, but this was bravado to hide the embarrassment and lack of confidence which were my true feelings, having nothing but very small and saggy breasts – where I had previously had a small but nicely formed B cup.

Once I was able to give some consideration to possible solutions to this, having made a decision that my family was complete, I was certain that silicone implants were not right for me. I was looking for a natural appearance and feel and to replace the shape and volume which I had lost. I also wanted a procedure which was minimally evasive so that my busy family routine would not be affected.

With some internet research, I came across the Stratford Skin Care Clinic and read about the possibility of the Macrolane injection. When I actually contacted the clinic though, I was able to speak directly to Dr Kitchen – who informed me about the option also of fat transfer.

Dr Kitchen was very helpful over the telephone and made me feel immediately at ease. I was able to have an appointment for a consultation within a week and this was arranged to fit in with my schedule – so far an easy and accommodating experience.

Throughout the consultation, which my family were also able to attend, I felt relaxed and my questions were answered honestly. I found the appointment to be informative and it confirmed for me that I wanted to go ahead and book the procedure.

From then on, I had regular communication with the clinic and found the staff to be helpful and always friendly. I felt well prepared for the procedure and had a sense of expectancy and excitement, as well as some nerves in the run up to the date when I was booked in.

The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times, sometimes slightly painful, but Carron and Dr Kitchen were supportive through out and I was more than grateful for Carron’s support and reassuring conversation (and hand holding). I was happy though that I was only under local anaesthetic so that I was able to get up and go home to my family as soon as it was completed. It was also an amazing experience to sit up and see the results immediately, I felt transformed!!

I had anticipated swelling and bruising in the days following, but wearing the body suit and taking painkillers meant the discomfort was manageable – it seemed a small price to pay anyway for the change in my body shape. Dr Kitchen kept in regular contact and I was more than happy with the follow up support from the clinic and the information I took away with me regarding aftercare.

My day to day routine continued as normal, as I had wanted, and within two weeks I was playing football and swimming with my children. Most of the bruising had faded and there was only minimal stiffness, mainly in the evening if I had been standing all day  – although this also improves daily.

All I all it has been a great experience, as well as an emotional one. I have felt almost overwhelmed by the feeling of seeing my body as I remembered it and fully realising how my self confidence had been effected since having children. As the treatment describes, I feel far more “sculpted” and can happily look in the mirror now, without feeling mortified! I have shape and volume, no more sagging, and – as I had so desperately wanted – the look and feel is completely natural. I have a natural cleavage and there are no “foreign bodies” sitting in side of me – no risk of leaking or any other much publicised risks associated with silicone implants. I feel like me and that is amazing!! (EG)

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