Dermatologists and surgeons specialising in facial rejuvenation wanted to offer technologically advanced skincare products for their patients to accompany their medical and cosmetic procedures. Their research led to the development of Dermaceutic, a range of cosmeceuticals to prepare, optimise and maintain the results of all their procedures. Dermaceutic contains an original combination of active ingredients at unequalled concentrations, resulting in a luminous complexion and firmer, smoother skin.

DermaCeutic for home use:


Serum C25

Antioxidant concentrate
Stable vitamin C, vitamins A, B and E, polyphenols.
Day care serum

Sun Ceutic

High sun protector
SPF 50
High sun protection



Cell stimulation cream
Glycolic acid
Night care cream

Light Ceutic

Lightening cream
Glycolic acid, phytic acid and stable vitamin C
Night care cream

Cleanser 5

Cleansing milk
Glycolic acid

Cleanser day & night

Foamer 15

Dermatological cleanser
Glycolic acid
Cleanser day & night

Mask 15

Peeling mask
Glycolic acid, bentonite
Weekly peeling


Hyal Ceutic

Moisturising and repairing fluid
Hyaluronic acid
Day & night cream

K Ceutic

Repairing cream
K Complex and SPF 40
Post treatment cream

Yellow Cream

Depigmenting concentrate
More than 20% of lightening agents
Night care cream


With Dermaceutic professional products, your skin care specialist is able to treat most of your skin concerns, from the very superficial and harmless to the most complex and delicate cases.

Dermaceutic professional products cover all skin care specialist needs, from the most gentle peels to the strongest ones.

Gentle peels

Mask Peel and Milk Peel
30% or 50% glycolic acid
Dull complexion, first signs of ageing, greasy, acne-prone skin, visible pores, excess sebum, wrinkles, epidermal stimulation

Depigmentation peels

Spot Peel and Spot Cream
Pigmentation spots, pregnancy dark spots, melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation

Rejuvenation peels

Cosmo Peel and Cosmo Cream
Ageing skin, smoker’s complexion, dark spots, wrinkles, stretch marks

Deep peels

Deep wrinkles, sagging skin, acne scars, age spots and rejuvenation effect<

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