If there is  one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that we are all going to get older – older in age and , unless we are extremely lucky, older in looks and the older we get the more attention we pay to the way we look, both facially and fashionably.

To prolong a youthful look in an ideal world, from a very early age we would all:

  1. Protect ourselves from the sun by using a high factor sun cream
  2. You are what you eat, so eating a healthy balanced diet including fish, vegetables and fruit with provide your skin with nutrients essential to stay healthy.
  3. Rehydrate our body by drinking lots of water
  4. Get the correct amount of sleep for optimal health which will help to reduce puffiness and dark lines around the eyes.
  5. Reduce our alcohol intake and give up smoking, both habits have adverse effects on our skin
  6. Protect our eyes by wearing sunglasses

However, these are all ideals and for many of us when we were In our  teens and twenties,  loved  to look good and barely give a second thought to skincare – missing the odd cleansing session, sunbathing for too long without protection and sometimes  we drank too much and smoked,  without giving a thought to what it might be doing to our skin.  By the time we reached our thirties we probably had adopted some sort of skincare routine and in later years we spend our time trying out creams and potions to repair the damage done in earlier years.

Several years ago the only way to combat aging was to have a facelift which was (and still is) an expensive and risky option.  Today with innovative companies offering non -invasive procedures such as the Pelleve Wrinke Reduction System there are now alternatives to surgery.

By  combining life style  and dietary changes with the Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System, you are able to refresh your appearance and turn back the clock without surgery.  After using the Pelleve system, results start to be noticeable immediately because Pelleve delivers energy to the dermal tissue to induce collagen without causing any damage, resulting in tighter skin and improved contouring as well as improving the skin quality and texture.  Although we have been focussing on facial care, Pelleve is also extremely effective for treating décolletage, jawline, neck, lips etc and for further information visit our Pelleve page for more information

You will find the Pelleve treatment a comfortable,  pleasant,  relaxing experience and optimal results are usually achieved within one to three sessions,  although for deeper lines and wrinkles it may take a few more sessions to achieve the desired result and if you visit our Pelleve Page you will find the answers to all your questions.

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