Jet-assisted Fat Transfer

Jet-assisted Fat Transfer (J-AFT) - Slim down your stomach, hips and thighs and boost your breast shape, size and contour at the same time!

Have you heard of the “Natural Breast Augmentation” treatment, performed at our Stratford Clinic?

With Body-jet and Jet Assisted Fat Transfer Dr Kitchen is able to transfer body fat to the breasts to create a completely natural augmentation.

Fat grafting to the breast is done under local anaesthesia and consists of two procedures - removing the fat and then placing it into the breasts. No more synthetic breast implants!

PRICE: From £5,500

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How is the Fat Transfer treatment performed?

To begin, unwanted fat is safely removed using the Body-jet procedure. The method allows viable fat cells to be obtained which are then transferred into the breast via a single small incision to create a natural look. This technique results in increased survival of the fat cells and therefore, better, longer lasting results.

Elaine Grant before AFT HarvetsJet (3) 20-04-12 resized_copy

Before Fat Transfer

Elaine Grant Immed' after AFT HarvetsJet BREASTS (2) 20-04-12 resized_copy

After Fat Transfer

The best candidates for breast augmentation with Body-jet are those who want a moderate increase and want to restore to a previous size in a natural way.
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Benefits of natural breast enhancement with Body-jet Fat Transfer


  •  Performed under local anaesthesia. Patient remains awake during the surgery.
  •  Feels very natural.
  •  Excellent for those who have reservations about saline or silicone gel breast implants.
  • Fat is completely natural substance that comes from your own body
  • There are minimal incisions with this procedure, which reduces the possibility of scarring
  • Can be used to disguise breast implants that do not look natural
  • No open incisions, therefore less risk in terms of damage to nerves, blood vessels, and ducts than in open surgery.

Before and immediately after Fat Transfer to breast

Fat Transfer – Not just for breasts!

Before and after Fat Transfer to Hands

Fat transfer for the face

The treatment is also great for rejuvenating and ‘plumping’ hands, face and other areas which have sagged.

Dr. Kitchen uses Body-jet to harvest soft viable fat cells from patients’ own abdomen, thighs or buttocks, and injects it into areas where the aging process has caused general loss of volume: in the “hollowed-out” areas around the eyes and cheeks; back of the hands; naso-labial folds; and in the brow area.

The Body-jet treatment creates a natural, youthful look and since your own fat is used, the end results are long-lasting to permanent.

Advantages of Fat Transfer

  • Performed under local anaesthesia. No need for general anaesthetic
  • The best longevity
  • Cost effective – There’s no limit on the volume. Traditional fillers only use about 1cc but, Fat Transfer can use 4 cc’s at the same price.
  • There is full correction afterwards No particle correction and the need for additional appointments.
  • The body’s own fat has natural cells and growth factors which promotes healing and wonderful anti-aging properties.

Fat harvested with Body-jet has even been used to create fuller, rounder buttocks and can fill out acne scars! Contact us now to hear more about this amazing procedure.


Before and After Fat Transfer to the Face

Fat transfer alternatives

There are many injectable products that are simpler and less costly than fat transfer, unless a large amount of “fill” is required. Sculptra is a series based procedure that induces collagen growth in your skin and is an accepted treatment for facial volume loss caused by aging, weight loss or a consequence of disease.

Restylane or Emervel are both products that can be used for lip plumping and facial sculpting, and last around 6 months.

Restylane  can be used to fill scars and work quite well, though neither are permanent.

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